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Cambridge's planet-killer

1. Cut all ties: University of Cambridge - stop collaborating with Schlumberger

The University of Cambridge and its colleges must:

  • End all ongoing financial relationships with Schlumberger, and all ties based on past donations. Commit in policy to refusing all future donations from or financial agreements with them.
  • End the research agreements and partnerships, which see students and academics from the University of Cambridge working with Schlumberger. Commit in policy to refusing all future agreements and partnerships.
  • Close the revolving door, which sees students encouraged to take internships and jobs with Schlumberger, and staff from Schlumberger being awarded positions at the University. Revoke all University and college positions awarded to current Schlumberger employees, and prevent Schlumberger employees from being given such positions in the future.
  • Stop hosting Schlumberger representatives at careers fairs and any other University events.

2. Kick them out: Schlumberger out of Cambridge

Contracts mean nothing in the face of a global crisis. The right to life on this planet must be valued over the property rights of a company complicit in destroying it.

The University of Cambridge must:

  • Break the lease with Schlumberger, and instead turn the Schlumberger Gould Research Centre building into a climate emergency centre. Through this, they must provide a just transition for workers, and create space for the local community to build resilience to the effects of the climate and ecological crisis.

3. Repair the harm: Schlumberger - stop profiting off planetary destruction and commit to climate reparations

Those who have profited from creating the climate and ecological crisis must commit to stopping the harm and supporting initiatives for community and Planet Repairs.

Schlumberger must:

  • Immediately stop all extractivist operations. Reparations cannot begin while harm continues.
  • Ensure a just transition for its workers. This must include financial reparations for workers who have been injured or mistreated, and for the families of workers killed.
  • Ensure that land stolen and exploited for extractivism is returned to the original owners.
  • Commit to material and financial compensation in the places where it operates, places where its technology has been used, and the areas most affected by climate and ecological breakdown. This must be on the terms of the affected communities.
  • Acknowledge and recognise their harm, including ecocide, displacement, and violations of UN international law No Harm principle, and the International Bill of Human Rights. This includes their contribution to Maangamizi crimes in Afrika.

The climate and ecological crisis is rooted in extractivism: the unsustainable and exploitative extraction of natural resources for financial gain. This capitalist and colonialist greed has created sacrifice zones - geographical areas which are knowingly destroyed in the name of power and profit.

Schlumberger must contribute to rebuilding the ecosystems and communities destroyed by extractivism. This is not the same as performative and paternalistic "charity" efforts; reparations must be founded on community self-made repair. Determining what reparations are owed will be difficult, and will require detailed assessments made in cooperation with those most affected in each case.

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