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Join XR Cambridge

Graphic explaining how to join XR Cambridge

Get trained up:

Attend an KYR training - xrcambridge.org/events or https://uk.rebellion.academy/kyr

At the same time, join a Supergroup meeting:

  • Superhumans: alternate Tuesdays 8-9pm (10th August / 24th August / 7th Sep / 21st Sep / 5th Oct / 19th Oct / 2nd Nov / 16th Nov / 30th Nov / 14th Dec / 28th Dec / 11th Jan etc)


  • Superglue: first thursday of every month 8-9pm:
  • Supergroups are for meeting other rebels, finding out about actions and brainstorming action ideas - they are very friendly and relaxed
  • Each Supergroup meeting will have a breakout room for anyone who is new or wants to ask questions.
  • Anyone is welcome at any Supergroup meeting: just turn up and you will be welcomed!

Not sure or got a question?


Rebel starter pack - FAQs

How do I find out about things that are happening?

There’s so much going on - how do I decide what to go to?

  • Look out for actions that are marked “Mass participation”
  • If you are keen to participate in direct actions or help in other ways, just say so in the Signal chat or at a Super group meeting and someone will link you in. 

Do you have any stuff I can read in my own time?

Can I help without going to actions?

How do I keep in touch with other rebels?

  • Download the Signal app (it works like WhatsApp but without the data harvesting!)
  • Ask to join the XR Cambridge Chat - this is a place to say hello, let others know your interests and say how you wish to be involved and join in conversations. It’s a busy chat but will give you a feel for current topics of discussion and is a route to connect with more specific chats.
  • There are multiple other Signal chats for specific actions, task groups or particular interests.

Why do  people use nicknames in the chat?

  • Many people use their own names but it is recommended to use a nickname if you don’t participate in direct actions. This is an important aspect of ensuring individuals are not identifiable as ‘organisers’ or ‘leaders’, as this has legal implications. 
  • It can be hard to keep up as people often change their nickname if they think their identity has been revealed. 
  • It’s best not to store people’s real names in your phone contacts as this could compromise another rebel’s anonymity.