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Divestment - how can I help?

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As a group

If you're a group of students, alumni, staff, or just concerned citizens, you can take action together to ask that a college or the University of Cambridge divests! Any kind of action is welcomed, from the "non-spicy" (e.g. making a video outside a college, reaching out to the public) to the "spicy" (e.g. trespass, spray-painting). You can design and carry out your action just with your group, or you can get in touch with us and we can give you support and resources to help with any or all of:

  • Action ideas
  • Coordinating your action
  • Getting social media and local/national press coverage
  • Getting more people involved
  • Designing and producing art in the form of banners, posters, leaflets, webpages, videos etc.
  • Providing any kind equipment for non-violent direct action (e.g. banners, megaphones, chalk spray, spray paint)

Whatever you decide, please get in touch so we can amplify your action to tens of thousands of people on social media and the press! You can contact us at xryouthcambridge@protonmail.com

As an individual

There's also plenty you can do as an individual. Here are a few ideas, but don't feel limited by these! Anything within Extinction Rebellion's principles and values is welcome! Again, please get in touch so we can amplify your action! You can of course stay anonymous if you'd like.

  • Send an email or letter to a college bursar or to the Vice-Chancellor of the University
  • Follow one or more of the colleges or University on social media and ask them why they haven't divested yet. You can comment on their own posts or tag them in your own (on Twitter, remember not to start your tweet with a handle so it isn't just classed as a reply and hidden from the public feed). You can find most of the colleges' Twitter and Instagram handles here.
  • Call up a college alumni relations office and ask them why they haven't divested yet. Tell them why it's important to you and many other people

You can of course take these individual actions together as a group - link up in a Zoom call and share your messages with each other as your write them - it's fun and a good way to get to know each other better!

Can't take action in person?

Are you shielding or otherwise concerned about attending in-person actions? Perhaps there are some actions you can't attend for legal or accessibility reasons? Fear not! There are many things you can do with others or by yourself remotely. This could mean writing letters, making phone calls, creating art, social media storms, and much more! But aren’t remote/online actions a waste of time? This simply isn’t true. A recent Digital Rebellion campaign persuaded Boris Johnson to defund global oil projects financed by the UK! Please contact our Remote Action Group at xr.cam.remote.action@protonmail.com to find out more or to join in.