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ORCA (Organisation of Radical Cambridge Activists)

XR Youth Cambridge are now O.R.C.A. (Organisation of Radical Cambridge Activists)!

For a long time, we have felt that our focuses, methods and politics have differed from XR UK. We have found we don't closely align with XR in several ways, specifcially XR's relationship with the police and the state has been a challenge. This is about reflecting the reality of our group, rather than signalling major changes to how we work. We will continue the SLB Out campaign with XR Cambridge and other groups, and are still happy to work with XR when our aims fit together. 

Our name is a reference to the Orcas who are currently taking direct action against yachts. As kids, we were told to 'save the whales', but instead the whales are taking things into their own fins. We don't think we're saving the world: we're part of the fight. We are also inspired by the way they are targeting the cause of environmental, economic and social crises - the super rich.

We are staying youth-led but (again reflecting the reality of how we work) this will be a little bit of a softer boundary going forward. Several people have been 'honorary' members of the group because we align on politics and tactics, and we welcome their place in our work.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat!

If you'd like to get involved, our join form is here.

Over the next few weeks we will be working to clarify our identity, processes and focuses for the future. As a decentralised and non-hierarchical group, everyone is empowered to take action, and there's always space for new ideas.

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Social media

Our email is orca4el@protonmail.com and we're on TwitterInstagram and Facebook – follow us for news, events and memes! You can also contact us through all of them, whether it's a question, feedback or a whistleblowing tip-off.


We meet every Sunday between 1pm and 2:30pm. You can join online or in-person. For more information, send us an email, message us on social media or fill in our join form.

Our projects

Schlumberger Out!

We're campaigning to get the world's biggest oilfield services company out of Cambridge and off the planet. Find out more here.

University fossil fuel ties

Lawn digging, oily handprints, gnome mischief... We work with several other groups, demanding that the University of Cambridge (and all of its colleges) cut all ties with ecocidal industries (including fossil fuels, the arms trade, intensive animal farming, and biodiversity destruction). XR Cambridge has an introduction to divestment, and information about the campaign here.

Rebel for Justice

Rebel for Justice was a youth-led campaign which focuses on the connection between climate and social justice, demanding action from local institutions. In February 2020, XR Youth Cambridge and XR Cambridge, supported by comrades from across the country, staged a week-long roadblock on a major junction in the city centre, and carried out daily targeted non-violent direct action, which caught the attention of the international press. You can read our demands here.

Free shop

We've been collaborating with The Lockon to take their free shop on tour around Cambridge – giving away donated clothes to anyone who wants them, in order to make sustainability affordable and accessible. You can find out how to donate, receive, or run your own free shop event here.


We've made a zine (a type of home-made booklet that has a long history in radical organising) which we're really proud of. You can read it here.