must cut its ties to the fossil fuel industry.

The University and its Colleges (which we will address as the University) maintain close and corrupt ties with the fossil fuel industry. The main bonds between the educational and extractive institutions are:

  • Investment: The University has millions of pounds invested in fossil fuel industries. It refuses to disclose the full extent of its investment.
  • Greenwashing: The University allows fossil fuel companies to sponsor institutions, conferences, professorships and prizes. This enables the companies to portray their destructive activities in a positive light.
  • Research: The University supports research into fossil fuel technologies. This is supported through the funding of individuals, and through institutions like CASP, formerly Cambridge Arctic Shelf Project.
  • Careers: The University encourages graduates into high-paying careers without considering whether they are ethical. It does this by hosting destructive corporations at careers events.
  • The University’s international significance gives it local and global responsibilities. It cannot continue to take part in an industry that destroys the Earth and all living things.

    • Completely divest from fossil fuels.
    • Publish with absolute transparency information on its direct and indirect investment in energy.
    • Remove the names of fossil fuel companies from anything associated with the University. This includes institutes, conferences, prizes and professorships.
    • End support for extractivist research.
    • End support for fossil fuel companies at careers events.