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Extinction Rebellion Cambridge needs YOU!

The working groups in XR Cambridge are collections of people brought together by a common purpose, skillset or interest. Examples include the Finance group, which looks after the accounts and all money-related matters, the Performers group, which brings together anyone interested in any type of performance, and Media & Messaging, who look after the social media accounts and liaise with the press etc. A full list of working groups can be found here: xrcambridge.org/get_involved. You can always join a working group without fulfilling a specific role. Everyone's contribution is valued.

At the moment, we’re looking for Rebels of all kinds to join these working groups to make them stronger and more effective. There’s a role for everyone, from the technically savvy to the committed luddite, and for those with plenty of time to commit to those with just a small amount to offer here and there.

Please take a look at the role descriptions below, and if you are interested in taking any of them on, contact the person listed. If nothing here appeals, don’t worry, more roles will be advertised soon - this is just a taster! And if any of the groups listed on the website is of interest, make contact using the email addresses listed there and someone will get back to let you know how you can help.

Job shares are possible, and it’s sometimes possible to merge similar roles if you’re ready and willing to take on responsibility for more than one.

Working Group Support

Working Group Recruitment

Helping with recruitment to working groups, writing and updating documents (like this one!) that list all the roles available, and talking to working group coordinators to see what help they need.


Circle SOS Advocates (three roles)

Establishing the self-organising systems involves setting up three main ‘circles’ - the movement, action and support circles. We need someone to help get each of these circles up and running, and make sure they start to function successfully.


Internal coordinator

The internal coordinator makes sure the group is running well, and keeps track of members. Responsibilities include scheduling meetings, inviting new members, keeping a list of group members, managing information flow within the team and ensuring the team functions well (listening to feedback, and providing conflict resolution for example, if necessary).


SOS Online Model Curator

This person will manage the online self-organising systems model and keep it updated, acting as a point of contact for working groups wishing to update their section of the model. It would suit someone with IT skills, and who understands the SOS or is interested in finding out how that functions.


Support Material Curator

This role involves creating and maintaining materials to guide and support members of the group and new members as they join - a working group starter pack, and a document outlining the group’s responsibilities and the different roles within the group.




Most weeks the Arts group run a workshop at “Artworks”, an art space off Victoria Road in Cambridge. We need some extra facilitators who will ensure that the space is prepared for the workshop, materials are on hand and that there are simple refreshments for those who come. They would need to stay and look after the crew, perhaps helping with slogans for banners but most importantly creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere for people to work in. No experience necessary.


Block Printing Facilitator

We are looking for people who will take on the facilitation of Block Print workshops. We will train you in everything you will need to know to run these workshops.

Workshops will take place at actions on the streets, at Festivals as well as in a studio setting in Cambridge. It is great fun and required lots of happy, enthusiastic energy. No experience necessary.


Affinity Group Support

Regional Affinity Group Support Network Representative for East of England

The Regional AG Support Network Rep enables the XR Cambridge AGSWG to play a part in the regional affinity group support network in XR UK and, working with local AGs, will help to build up a support network for affinity groups across the East of England. This role would suit a rebel who enjoys proactively engaging with others and has good social media and IT skills. They will need to be able to commit to one fortnightly Friday daytime meeting online and have interest in working in a team to develop support across the region.


Inductions Coordinator

The Inductions Coordinator ensures that people new to XR who attend general meetings and events are introduced to the organisation and enabled to link with buddies, affinity groups and/or working groups as they require. This role would suit a rebel who enjoys meeting new people, has good communication skills and the confidence to deliver an introduction to XR to small groups - training can be given.


Media & Messaging

Content creators

Creating posts that are then shared on our social media pages, particularly statements about our actions, and liaising with photographers to get appropriate photos to go with them. Also writing statements in response to news articles, local political events etc. Suits anyone with a clear writing style and interest in how to get our messages across succinctly and effectively!


Social media contributors

Liaising with content creators to get posts onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and responding to messages on these platforms.



If you’re a keen photographer, please let us know, as we always need more photographers for actions!


Regenerative Culture

Technical administrator

Develop and keep tabs on a web page of resources.


Listening circle coordinator

Organise a regular weekly listening circle, either online or in person.


Liaison with XR Youth

To support the embedding of Regenerative Culture in all activities.


Wellbeing Coordinator for actions

Will liaise with Action Support WG and needs good organisational and communication skills.



Performance Coordinators (Multiple roles)

The performers group is seeking people across all genres of performance who are willing to actively seek out and encourage other performers to get involved with actions. This could involve helping people to make contact with other performers of the same kind, or encouraging cross-collaboration. This requires some energy and enthusiasm, and an interest in bringing together environmental activism and performance of any kind!


Finance & Fundraising


As XR Cambridge grows, hopefully we can become more proactive in our fundraising - a person, or people, are needed to initiate and coordinate fundraising ideas, monitor the amount of money in the account to see when fundraising is needed, and consider how XR Cambridge’s activities might be expanded, if more fundraising was possible. Ideal for someone with experience of fundraising (or willing to learn!), who is looking for an organisational and coordinating role.