How to Become a Rebel

1. Make sure you're keeping in touch on Facebook and on the mailing list

2. Go to the talk: Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It

Find out about Climate Change by attending one of our talks. Learn the truth about the climate and ecological crisis, and the urgency of tackling it. Learn about Extinction Rebellion's approach to this existential threat to humanity and the reasons our strategy might work.

Look out for the Talk on the events page or on social media.

3. Get trained in Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA)

This training is required if you want to take part in civil disobedience, for example blocking roads, even if you don't intend to get arrested. You will learn about the idea behind non-violent direct action, and how to do it safely and effectively. You'll also get an introduction to the legal side and to the different roles you can take on. As part of the training you'll form Affinity Groups of around 10 people - within these groups you will support each other, discuss actions and ideas and receive wider information about what's going on.

If you have not received the training, you can still come and support actions as a member of the public.

Look out for NVDA training on the events page or on social media.

4. Come to an Action!

Events are listed on the events page or on social media.

5. Join a working group

The Working Groups below have been set up to oversee, coordinate or organise certain areas of Extinction Rebellion Cambridge. Anyone can join a working group - you don't need to be NVDA trained. To join, find out more, or suggest an idea, contact the working group coordinator directly. You can be involved as much or as little as you want, and no experience is required. Everyone's ideas are valued.

XR Youth Cambridge

A network for everyone born after 1990 - a generation that has never known a stable climate and will be defined by how the world responds to the climate and ecological crisis.

Email (over 18s):
Email (under 18s):

Regenerative Culture

Making sure members and activists are supported before, during, after and between actions and to promote a culture of well-being for activists.


Media and Messaging

To develop our PR and media strategy and liaise with members of the press.

Contact: -

Actions and Logistics / Debrief and Reflection

Actions and Logistics

(i) to develop the plan for NVDA escalation within XR Cambridge, taking into account direction from XR central; (ii) to ensure actions are organised and executed by AGs in accordance with point i (iii) to ensure best practice is followed during all actions (including debrief and reflection).

Debrief and Reflection

Making sure members have the chance to feed back after actions and that those comments are recorded and acted on.


Community & Outreach

Outreach to recruit more activists and supporters and communicate our message to the public, through various activities including talks, social media, literature etc (and to work with media/messaging team as appropriate).


Diversity and Inclusion

Making sure XR Cambridge is accessible to everyone, regardless of class, disability, race, ethnicity, religion or anything else.



(i) to make sure that where possible there are opportunities for families to get involved in XR actions and activities (ii) to set up activities for families (iii) to outreach to schools and colleges to encourage involvement of students in XR Cambridge [will work with Community team on this] (iv) inform young people and families about related movements (e.g. Youth Strike 4 Climate) and provide support where needed if young people want to take part.



Organise performances for XR Cambridge actions and activities, including publicity events, fundraisers and social events.



To coordinate artwork for XR Cambridge actions and activities.

Contact: Linda -

Finance and Fundraising

(i) to raise money for XR Cambridge (ii) to put in place proper procedures for managing our finances and paying expenses.


To claim an expense, email the Treasurer with:

Systems and Tech

Provide IT and technical solutions needed to run XR Cambridge's activities.



Organise and deliver NVDA training. As the Working Group expands, it may also take on the organisation of "Heading for Extinction" talks and wellbeing training.

Contact: Derek -

Growing Resistance

We are a group who love plants, wildlife and nature and want to help nurture and promote these in our city and surrounding areas. Through guerilla gardening and education, working with and lobbying local government and through other environmental care we aim to create a regenerative culture - Regenerating Nature and Regenerating Ourselves.

Join the Facebook group here.


Teachers for Truth

We are a group of teachers and other people who work with children. We've set ourselves up so that we can talk about how to get the Climate Crisis into our lessons, and to help each other come to terms with teaching a generation of children that are going to have a very uncertain future.


Arrestee Support

This is a group to support people who are at risk of arrest, who are arrested or who have previously been arrested as part of an XR protest action.


Local Politics and Government

A group to discuss how XR engages with politicians and local government to push forward XR’s demands and the urgent action necessary.

Contact: Facebook Twitter Instagram