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Our working groups fall within three groups – actions (focused on direct action), movement (focused on growing our movement) and support (enabling everything to run smoothly).

If you need help or support for an action or event, please have a look through the list below and contact the relevant working group.

Please contact Affinity Group Support if you are looking to join an affinity group and they will try to match you up: xr_cam_ag_support_wg@protonmail.com

Working groups are always looking for new members and if you’d like to join, contact the email address below. You can also look at the list of roles working groups are actively looking to fill, although don’t feel restricted to this if you just want to get involved.


Action Support

Helping AGs and other groups carry out successful actions within XR Cambridge.


Arrestee Support

This is a group to support people who are at risk of arrest, who are arrested or who have previously been arrested as part of an XR protest action.



Coordinating artwork for XR Cambridge actions and activities.



Organising performances for XR Cambridge actions and activities, including publicity events, fundraisers and social events.


Leaflets and Posters

Designing and printing leaflets and posters for XR Cambridge actions and events.


Logistics & Infrastructure

Enabling ambitious, creative and safe actions and activities to take place in XR Cambridge by providing the right infrastructure and logistical support.


Remote Action Group

Enabling rebels to create, design and realise powerful, creative actions which can be done from home or remotely.



Media & Messaging

Developing our PR and media strategy, looking after our social media accounts and website, and liaising with members of the press.


Media & Messaging - Photo Content

Taking and sharing photos at actions and events.


Community & Outreach

Outreach to recruit more activists and supporters and communicate our message to the public, through various activities including talks, social media, literature etc (and to work with media/messaging team as appropriate).


Diversity & Inclusion

Ensuring all aspects of XR Cambridge are accessible to all rebels and that barriers to participation are removed.



Making sure that where possible there are opportunities for families to get involved in XR actions and activities. Providing peer support to parents and carers as they bring up children in the face of the climate and ecological crisis.


Mass Mobilisation

Mobilising people in Cambridge both for local actions and national rebellions as well as creating teams of rebel ringers, online outreach volunteers, and flyering and flyposting volunteers.


Mass Mobilisation - Flyposting

Getting our message across by flyposting around the city and wider area.


Mass Mobilisation - Rebel Ringing

Running phone campaigns (ringing people who have signed up on action network) to recruit more rebels and encourage people to get more actively involved in the local group.


Mass Mobilisation - Email Newsletter

Communicating key information to local rebels via our mailing list.


Local Politics and Government

Focusing local non-violent direct action and civil disobedience by understanding where pressure points in the centres of power and influence lie.



Organise and deliver Non-Violent Direct Action training and other trainings.


Teachers for Truth

We are a group of teachers and other people who work with children. We’ve set ourselves up so that we can talk about how to get the climate crisis into our lessons, and to help each other come to terms with teaching a generation of children that are going to have a very uncertain future.


Growing Resistance

We are a group who love plants, wildlife and nature and want to help nurture and promote these in our city and surrounding areas. Join the Facebook group here.


Silent Rebellion

Regular event where rebels come together, pause the treadmill of activity and rest in silence, usually in a busy public space. Find out more at silentrebellion.org.



Affinity Group Support

Supporting affinity groups and their coordinators, and promoting autonomy and decentralisation within XR Cambridge. Please contact us if you are looking to join an affinity group and we will try to match you up.
Read coordinator support pack


Regenerative Culture

Building long-term resilience, health and wellbeing in XR and the wider community.
Read regen resources document


Finance and Fundraising

Raising money for XR Cambridge and putting in place proper procedures for managing our finances and paying expenses.


General Meeting Facilitators

Ensuring the General Meeting is organised and facilitated effectively and smoothly and that the content reflects the needs of the local group.



Offering safeguarding support to protect the health, well-being and rights of individuals in XR Cambridge to ensure all members – but particularly young people and vulnerable adults — can participate free from abuse and harm.


Systems and Tech

Providing IT and technical solutions needed to run XR Cambridge’s activities.


Working Group Support

Ensuring working groups are functioning, well-connected and have enough members.