Regenerative Culture seeks to bring a different approach to climate and other activist movement. It is how we move towards a practice and demonstration of the change we want to experience in this and all society. Its purpose is to nurture a new culture that is resilient and robust and which can support us all through the changes we must inevitably face together. Regenerative Culture precedes, holds us through and lasts beyond the actions that we take as part of our rebellion. Below are some resources, both inspirational and practical.


How Can We Practise Regenerative Action?

Essential viewing for activists! Two Buddhist monks from Plum Village, peace-activist Thich Naht Hahn’s centre in France, visited the Extinction Rebellion action in London in April 2019. Here they speak with a member of XR about how mindful awareness can give the energy needed for regenerative action. Truly inspiring!

Regenerative Culture

In this episode of the Extinction Rebellion podcasts Joanna Macy explores Regenerative Culture. What is it, and how can it be of use to rebels worldwide? Joanna Macy is a teacher and writer on issues of environmental justice, Deep Ecology, and Buddhist practice, as well as the originator of the Work that Reconnects.

Leading in a Climate Changed World – with Gail Bradbrook

One of the founders of Extinction Rebellion brings her inspiring presence to a conversation with Robin Alfred about leadership in a changing world.


Professional emotional support

The Climate Psychology Alliance offers up to three free sessions of professional psychotherapeutic support to activists. There are two psychotherapists offering this service in Cambridge, see the map in the link. One is Jim Holloway ( who has run a workshop for XR on Exploring Healthy Aggression.

Taking a break away

There is a network of people around the country who offer free accommodation to rebels who need time off to rest and rejuvenate. Check out the map!