The planet we love is under attack.

Every one of us depends on her for our survival, but how do we repay her love? The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the very earth we stand on is polluted and plundered every day. The time has come to rebel for the sake of Love.

From the 7th October, courageous rebels from the East of England and the Midlands will establish a site in the area around Horse Guards Parade in London. Road blocks will be in place on Horse Guards Road, and together with St. James’ Park, the area will be transformed into the Love Rebellion. The site will bloom with art, music and poetry, acting as a model of Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Regenerative Culture’: a way of living that is more connected with other humans and the environment. Bordered by government buildings and the wall of Number 10 Downing Street, Love Rebellion will stand in intentional contrast with the current divisiveness and vitriol that plagues British politics.

Jamie Osborn, 25, from Norwich, said:

“I have seen how business as usual is destroying our planet and the lives of future generations. I want to see a different world where I can live without the threat of famine and flooding, but vested interests in Government and the fossil fuel industry won’t change easily. That is why I feel the only option now is to join the protests in London, and for everybody to come together and start to make the world we want to live in.”

Love Rebellion will be a space where we can overcome our isolation, hopelessness and animosity; to empower each other through compassion, courage and care. Because only through love can we bring about the rapid changes needed to avert climate and ecological catastrophe. Only through love can we live a legacy worth leaving to our children. The site will echo XR’s radically inclusive ethos to create an inspirational and empowering space from which we will urge our leaders, in love, to act now: for the sake of life.

Jess Agar, 19, from Extinction Rebellion Cambridge said:

“In everything I do in XR, love is the driving force. My fears come from a place of love; fear of losing forever what I love about this planet. But from that love I also draw courage. In the April protests, I boarded the train to London full of fear. A man got on too, holding his baby daughter, cooing at her. Looking at her, I felt a powerful sense of duty and love towards a child I didn’t even know, and that’s what I held onto as I was arrested on Waterloo Bridge the next day. This sense of love and duty is why I’m going back to London next week.”

We will take our message to HM Treasury, calling on them to invest in life, not death. On Sunday 13th October we will join in a Mass Meditation at 1.30pm on Horse Guards Parade in the spirit of love and solidarity, offering rebels a space to regenerate and contemplate the solemn intention with which we act. 30 brave women from this site will also travel to Milbank and meet at the monument commemorating the women of WWII. This will transform the statue into a living memorial of the women and other communities that have been, and will be, disproportionately impacted by the current war being waged on life itself.


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